LD Roofing Case Study

Read the testimonial below to hear what the owner of LD Roofing has to say about working with us & his results so far...

“The enquiries have flood in ever since we partnered with ConstructionSEO. When it comes to generating leads their Program is mental. We managed to book in around £47k worth of new work in the first few weeks and have boosted our month-by-month growth ever since. There’s a lot of work involved with actually selling and closing all the leads but I wish we did this years ago. To help cope with the lead flow they also helped us set up a lead management solution which we use on a daily basis to keep track of everything, works great!”

Testimonial By Dan Russell – LD Roofing Services Ltd

Client Overview:




Annual Sales:


What Was Their Return On Investment?

Here's a snapshot of the LD Roofing Services reporting dashboard showing their results within a typical 30 day period.

Average Monthly Results...

Leads Generated:


Monthly Jobs Booked:


Average Job Value:


monthly Sales Up By:


BEFORE partnering with us their monthly sales were £41k. AFTER partnering with us they saw a 117% INCREASE to £89k.

12 Months Later... What Did We Help LD Roofing Achieve?

Grew annual turnover by £576k

Generated 1,044 leads via the internet

Increased average job value to £3k

Moved Home office INto commercial Premises

Hired more roofing contractors & Admin Staff

What Held Them Back Before We Got Their Internet Marketing Right?

When we first spoke to LD Roofing Services they had a great network of commercial clients and predominately focused on site work, such as housing developments and new builds.

After speaking with the directors in our Strategy Session together, we learned they wanted to transition towards serving residential customers instead. The reason was perfectly understandable and made total business sense.

Residential works tend to have a quicker turnaround and bigger profit margin.

Commercial works tend to have a longer turnaround and smaller profit margin, whilst taking much longer to get paid.

However, what held them back from transitioning successfully was a lack of consistent, qualified residential leads. They also relied on word of mouth to get more leads but found it was often unreliable and unpredictable.

Some domestic leads would come in but never enough to warrant taking their contractors away from site work completely.

The underlying problem here was not having a consistent lead flow strategy in place to create predictable cash flow. And without this predictability it was extremely hard for them to plan ahead and make investment decisions (e.g. hire new staff) to take their company to the next level.

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