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Watch the interview below to hear what the owner of SPS Roofing has to say about working with us & his results so far...

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Client Overview:




Annual Sales:


What Was Their Return On Investment?

Here's a snapshot of the SPS Roofing reporting dashboard showing their results within a typical 30 day period.

Average Monthly Results...

Leads Generated:


Monthly Jobs Booked:


Average Job Value:


Monthly Sales Up By:


BEFORE partnering with us their monthly sales were £150k. AFTER partnering with us they saw a 73% INCREASE to £260k.

12 Months Later... What Did We Help SPS Roofing Achieve?

Grew annual turnover by £1.3M

Generated 1,140 leads via the internet

Increased average job value to £10k

Secure high ticket commercial conracts

Created A new sales system to win more jobs

What held Them Back Before We Got Their Internet Marketing Right?

Before partnering with us, one of the most significant challenges SPS Roofing faced was having no clear online marketing strategy working towards their goal of increasing revenue and boosting operating profit.

Their previous website was outdated and provided no consistent lead flow. A website should be an asset, not a liability, so we organised a strategy session with them to diagnose the problem.

After speaking with the directors at length we quickly realised it was a very well run organisation. They had reached an impressive £1.6 million in annual revenue through just word of mouth, recommendations and repeat business alone. If they had managed to grow to this level without online marketing, imagine what they could achieve with it in place.

They explained to us that by only sticking to word of mouth and recommendation it was holding them back from really taking their business to the next level. And here’s why…

Word of mouth is unreliable and unpredictable when it comes to expansion. You need reliable cash flow in order to hire more staff to take on more work and thus, increase revenue. The only way this can be achieved is through creating a system that consistently generates leads, enabling you to forecast what’s coming in next month.

They knew by not utilising online marketing strategies they were leaving a huge amount of potential revenue on the table.

“If you want to grow your business, get more leads and get more work, the Core Program is a sound investment. It’s as simple as that. As a group of directors we were skeptical to begin with but the lead generation has really exceeded our expectations. Some months we get more leads than we can handle. Within the first year of partnering up with ConstructionSEO our domestic sales pipeline value is around £800k, and our commercial pipeline is in the millions which is exactly what we wanted. The cost of the Program is minimal and easy to recoup if you’re prepared to put the work in on your end to get the work booked in. ConstructionSEO are at the forefront of our company’s marketing and I’m happy to recommend them.”

Testimonial By Nick Flavin – Director, SPS Roofing Ltd

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